The "Follow Me" Era

Social media has turned us all into media starved animals... This is the era of democratized celebrity. We can now all wield influence within our own personal or 'impersonal' communities. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Is there now too much power in the hands of the masses or have we finally been rewarded with the freedom of expression we all deserve? I leave you with this to ponder. ~NB

Slow Down!

Everything moves so damn fast...we want to be adults before we are ever children, we run while forgetting to walk and companies want to make millions before they even launch. What ever happened to "slow and steady wins the race"? In my experience the best brands, the brands with staying power, enjoy the slow build...they create lasting brand ID, they are strategic, they are methodical. Advice...if you want to win, stop and smell those roses! ~NB

   Photo credit: Mark Cohen 1977


Photo credit: Mark Cohen 1977

Do Epic Shit

I always tell people I am a little bit of a simple terms, I think it is important to hop on, fall hard and get back on! If you aren't taking chances in today's ever-evolving digital space, then you may as well go home. Yes best practices are best practices for a reason, but I highly recommend getting bucked off! ~NB