My Thoughts On Feathers

Fall/Winter 2017 Fashion Week is in full swing around the globe and in most cases we are seeing collections that include everything and the kitchen sink. Case in point...Gucci, Prada, Moschino and more. Don't get me wrong...I am obsessed with the creativity, but how much is too much? Has the fashion industry reached a critical point? If it isn't over the top, do we really need to buy it? Are we seeing a response to a soft market? If so, can we ever go back to simple jeans and tee shirts or will we all be wearing feathers in the future? ~ NB

Ready Set Go...

Commitment to life balance is something I believe in wholeheartedly. Health, wellness, fitness is a huge part of this. That said, sometimes its hard to stay on course...we get simply get busy! When I diversified my business to include photo production and styling, I realized that I could work and get fit at the same time. Styling is simply a good all body workout! Find ways to move even when you have a desk will change the course of your day. ~NB