One Is Greater Than Three

Alexander Wang made a bold move this week by dismissing his marketing team and replacing them with a consultant. Why would he do this...he must be crazy? Well let me tell you why...the fashion industry marketing model is broken and has been for a long time. It is still attached to a specific way of doing things...have a runway show, dress celebrities, advertise in Vogue.

Consultants bring a new world view to brands. They are entrepreneurial and results-oriented, they are early adopters and most importantly they aren't entrenched in a brand's culture. They help brands think outside of the box and push them to adapt to an ever changing landscape. Their success depends on the brand's success, creating the most symbiotic of relationships. ~ NB




We Marched - Now What

I woke up this morning with a Women's March hangover. It was one of the most amazing phenomenons I have ever witnessed and woke up today with a sense of "Now What"? So, instead of going back to my simple, happy life, I stayed active. I called Paul Ryan and voiced my concerns about the repeal of Obamacare. I posted multiple article on my Facebook Page. I made sure I was counted as one of the march participants. And...I will continue to find ways on a daily basis to stay heard. What will you do? ~ NB


Surfing Lessons

After years of talking about it, I finally overcame my fears, learned how to surf and loved it...of course now I wish I started 10 years ago. So how does this relate to business? In simple terms, there really is no place for fear in business! That said, this doesn't mean an iterative, strategic, highly informed approach isn't recommended...just don't let lack of knowledge/data hold you back from dynamic decision-making. Always embrace new tactics through the lens of testing and if you don't succeed, try-try-again. ~NB

Photo credit: Joni Sternbach

Man's Best Friend

I love it when companies put their customers before making an extra buck! Recently Anjelica Huston convinced The Standard Hotel Group to get rid of their cost-prohibitive dog stay fee. To me this is the ultimate in service...understand what makes your customer happiest and figure out how to give it to them without a financial penalty. Hotels don't charge fees for children...why should a dog be any different? ~NB

If It Isn't Broken, Don't Fix It

Young companies don't always get their brand ID 100% right at the outset, so tweaking is an important part of the process. That said, rebranding can go too far...don't abandon your customer. If you design leopard print tights, should you now only design solids? If your website is playful and colorful, should it now be edgier in black & white? You need to understand how far you can push your customer and if you aren't 100% sure, then tread lightly! ~NB

   Photo Credit -  Carla Berger


Photo Credit - Carla Berger

Slow Down!

Everything moves so damn fast...we want to be adults before we are ever children, we run while forgetting to walk and companies want to make millions before they even launch. What ever happened to "slow and steady wins the race"? In my experience the best brands, the brands with staying power, enjoy the slow build...they create lasting brand ID, they are strategic, they are methodical. Advice...if you want to win, stop and smell those roses! ~NB

   Photo credit: Mark Cohen 1977


Photo credit: Mark Cohen 1977

Do Epic Shit

I always tell people I am a little bit of a simple terms, I think it is important to hop on, fall hard and get back on! If you aren't taking chances in today's ever-evolving digital space, then you may as well go home. Yes best practices are best practices for a reason, but I highly recommend getting bucked off! ~NB