One Is Greater Than Three

Alexander Wang made a bold move this week by dismissing his marketing team and replacing them with a consultant. Why would he do this...he must be crazy? Well let me tell you why...the fashion industry marketing model is broken and has been for a long time. It is still attached to a specific way of doing things...have a runway show, dress celebrities, advertise in Vogue.

Consultants bring a new world view to brands. They are entrepreneurial and results-oriented, they are early adopters and most importantly they aren't entrenched in a brand's culture. They help brands think outside of the box and push them to adapt to an ever changing landscape. Their success depends on the brand's success, creating the most symbiotic of relationships. ~ NB




My Thoughts On Feathers

Fall/Winter 2017 Fashion Week is in full swing around the globe and in most cases we are seeing collections that include everything and the kitchen sink. Case in point...Gucci, Prada, Moschino and more. Don't get me wrong...I am obsessed with the creativity, but how much is too much? Has the fashion industry reached a critical point? If it isn't over the top, do we really need to buy it? Are we seeing a response to a soft market? If so, can we ever go back to simple jeans and tee shirts or will we all be wearing feathers in the future? ~ NB